• Capra Image Processing Platform

    Capra Image Processing Platform offers image processing ability to its users which is an increasing need for several sectors including military and civil security, retail, manufacturing and medical imaging. Companies which gained image processing ability with Capra have a chance to deepen their expertise in their field of activity and develop innovative and state-of-art solutions and products.

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  • i-bex Video Analytics Platform

    i-bex Video Analytics Platform provides image processing ability to several sectors including security and retail. People counting, object tracking, intrusion detection, suspicious package detection are among filters added to i-bex which enables users to develop comprehensive and extendable security and retail applications

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  • WInspect Textile Web Inspection Framework

    WInspect Textile Web Inspection Framework is one of our industrial frameworks which we develop using Capra Image Processing Platform. The framework is being developed in the framework of our EU-funded project WInspect and it is designed to be used in quality control in several sectors including paper, leather and film.

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Image Processing - Machine Vision - Video Analytics

InfoDif is an R&D company developing software frameworks and solutions with its expertise in real time image processing, image transfer, machine vision, video analytics, video recording and medical image processing. These fields require a deep theoretical knowledge and experience as well as a multidisciplinary vision.

In addition to our R&D studies on image processing, video analytics and machine vision, and software frameworks developed as a result of these R&D studies, we pay special attention to develop cross-platform and cross-camera products and solutions which run on various hardware configurations and architectures. This hard task enables us to respond quickly to changing needs of our partners and technological improvements in different components used in their systems. We also derive end-products from our frameworks in order to provide the most cost-effective solutions to integrators and software development companies who do not have image processing ability.

Our main motto “Information Diffusion” is the source of our energy and we use this energy to establish long lasting partnerships with our customers. Please contact us for more detailed information on our image processing and video analytics frameworks, equipments, systems and solutions. Let’s build the solution you need together.

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