About Us

InfoDif Information Diffusion

InfoDif is a Turkish software and security company which has a disruptive technology in video analytics. InfoDif is dedicated to development of a broad range of video surveillance and intelligent video analytics products and solutions. We have partnerships with prominent technology companies and we serve several customers including large enterprises and government agencies.

InfoDif has more than 10 years R&D experience and completed several large scale projects in medical, industrial, civil security and defense domains. InfoDif scaled its know-how to product phase diffusing its knowledge in its products. InfoDif offers complete solutions for civil and homeland security.

InfoDif was founded in 2007 by a young, dynamic and highly educated team of engineers. As an R&D company, we believed since our foundation that it is not impossible to be successful in software and information technologies sector with a different style than the usual if aims and values are defined properly and clearly. In the first years of the company, we worked on both RFID and image processing and then we decided to focus only on image processing and video analysis technologies which are our primary fields of expertise.

The aim in foundation of InfoDif is not just increasing commercial success and profitability. Besides commercial success, our biggest motivations were our desire for constituting a new R&D-centered approach in software and information technologies sector using the brain power of our country and belief in being successful with our authentic style.

In InfoDif, all policies and structures including target customers, career policy, business development approach and organizational structure are designated to allow us continue as an R&D company. We take care of participating in innovative projects which will support and contribute to continuity of our R&D studies.

Other parties in our projects are not our customers but our business partners. We develop products and solutions which will provide our business partners with image processing ability taking their needs and priorities into consideration.

Image Processing, NVR, Video Analytics