I-Bex Video Analytics
Traffic Management

  • Compatible with UPnP and ONVIF devices
  • Enables working with huge numbers of IP cameras up to thousands
  • Learning algorithms for higher accuracy
  • Pre-processing filters (fog, shadow and vehicle light elimination, spider effect) to eliminate environmental effects and reach lower false alarm rates
  • Effective dynamic background / foreground modeling to display effects of system parameters interactively for easy configuration

I-Bex offers ROI and learning based filters;

  • Advanced Video Motion Detection
  • Vehicle / People Entrance Detection
  • Vehicle / People Exit Detection
  • Intrusion / Unauthorized Entrance Detection
  • Unattended Object Detection
  • Stopped Vehicle / People Detection
  • Vehicle Speed Detection
  • Vehicle / People Counting
  • Color Detection
  • Heatmap & Hot-spot Analytics
  • Fire Detection
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Sabotage Detection
  • Traffic Average Speed Detection
  • Accident Detection
  • Emergency Lane Violation Detection
  • Pedestrian Slip / Fall Detection

I-Bex - Trafic Management