Radar Integration

I-Bex Radar Integration Module

enables to secure wide range of areas. With I-Bex Integrated Radar Module; Detecting intrusion to restricted areas, Wide areas,
where to provide security is hard, can be controlled from a single center

I-Bex Radar Integration Module detects suspicious motion by using the data received from the radar and tracks the objects automatically. When a suspicious motion in a pre-defined region of interest (ROI) is detected, the system;
  • generates an alarm
  • triggers the PTZ cameras to track the suspicious object and
  • triggers the fixed cameras to start video analytics
Live display of both fixed and PTZ cameras viewing the ROI simultaneously is possible with I-Bex Radar Integration Module. I-Bex uses Geographical Information System (GIS) technology, to display the path of the moving object on the map. ROI-based video analytics capabilities of I-Bex (video motion detection, entrance / exit detection etc.) is used to cross-check the motion data received from the radar to minimize false alarms.
  • Automatic target tracking & classification (human, vehicle and other)
  • Supported with video analytics features for low false alarm rates
  • Multi target tracking with multiple cameras
  • Live alarm monitoring on the map
  • Monitoring distance, speed, type and direction of the object
  • Supports IP, fixed, electro-optic, thermal and digital PTZ cameras
  • Supports all ONVIF compliant cameras
  • Camera brand / model independent
  • Intelligent & user friendly interface
Sensor type High resolution MIMO digital beam-forming radar
Frequency 5.5 Ghz
Detection range Up to 400m Human & 600m for Vehicle/Boat
No moving parts MTBF of 100,000 hours
Built in tracker Extremely low required bandwidth (<1kbps)
Scan rate 2 scans per second
Azimuth coverage 120°
Elevation coverage 30°
Range accuracy 0.4m resolution
Azimuth accuracy
Target detection speed 0.3 – 30 m/sec
False alarm rate <1 per day
Power 9 – 32V , <2.5W
System interface Ethernet or RS-422 available
Dimensions 9.8’’(w) x 5.8’’(h) x 2.3’’(d)
Weight 3.3 Lbs
Environmental Full outdoor functionality, IP67. FCC & CE compliant

I-Bex Radar Integration