Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions

I-Bex LPR can be used in both fixed and mobile applications with two hardware options. On Board (I-Bex OB-LPR) and Mini Board (I-Bex MB-LPR)


I-Bex OB-LPR is an IP-based LPR device designed for fixed applications. It has a compact design with

  • an on-board processor
  • a monochrome camera for LPR
  • a color camera capturing the wide view of the scene for generating evidence
  • a band-pass filter to eliminate environmental effects
  • an illumination module specialized for LPR

I-Bex OB-LPR captures images with the integrated monochrome camera and analyses these images in the unit itself. It is connected to the central management unit via ethernet. License plate images captured by monochrome camera, image of the scene captured by color camera and other data (license plate number, date, time, place, probability of accuracy, moving direction etc.) are transferred to the center for future reporting, statistics, queries and generating evidence.

  • 15-30 meters working distance
  • On-board processing ability
  • Compact design enabling easy installation
  • Easy lens configuration according to site requirements
  • Integrated color camera to generate evidence
  • Better performance on highways, bridges, counters etc.


I-Bex MB-LPR is designed for both fixed and mobile applications. It is an IP-based LPR device consisting of:

  • a monochrome camera for LPR
  • a band-pass filter to eliminate environmental effects
  • an illumination module specialized for LPR

I-Bex MB-LPR captures images and transfers these images to the connected analytics device. It is designed for mobile (in-vehicle) applications or fixed applications on smaller sites (parking lots, shopping malls etc.)

  • 5-15 meters working distance
  • Lightweight
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Enables processing images from multiple cameras
  • Easy connection to analytics device
  • Easy lens configuration according to site requirements

Main Futures

  • International plate recognition support
  • Consecutive and fast recognition time (~15 ms)
  • Plate recognition up to 250 km/h speed
  • 97% detecting and 95% recognition accuracy
  • License plate recognition on multiple lanes with one camera
  • Speed estimation between pre-defined entry and exit points
  • Three different LPR modes: normal mode, night mode and back light mode
  • Highly adapted to bad environmental conditions and illumination changes both day and night time
  • Back light mode which provides recognition of dark plates when the sun is on the backside of vehicles
  • Customized illumination and light filtering module to eliminate low frequency lights
  • Illumination module designed to utilize the reflectors on license plates for capturing better quality images
  • Compatible with I-Bex Video Management Platform

System Capabilities

Configuration and Monitoring

  • Advanced management of LPR records
  • Management of LPR events, alarms
  • Accept/reject confirmation by the operator
  • Searching options according to full or partial license plate
  • Manual license plate input

Advanced Reporting

  • Advanced query options on LPR data
  • Export options in .pdf and .xls formats
  • Time, license plate, terminal, speed based reporting
  • Print and e-mail actions

Alarm Management

  • Script-based alarm actions (emergency call, activating alarm barrier locks etc.)
  • Instant alarm management on the user interface
  • Time and camera based alarm monitoring
  • Real time alarm monitoring
  • Various alarm notifications (e-mail, pop-up)
  • Short alarm generation time (~1 second) depending on the script

User Management

  • Allows creating users and user groups
  • Allows creating user roles
  • Allows assigning roles to users and user groups
  • Allows assigning password constraints
  • User activity logs

Hardware & Software Integration

  • I-Bex Video Management and Video Analytics Systems
  • ITS
  • Access control systems
  • Video wall applications
  • Ticketing and payment systems
LPR camera sensor 1600x1200 resolution, monochrome, 15 fps 1280x960 resolution, monochrome, 25 fps
Context camera sensor 1920x1080 resolution color, 30 fps N/A
Illuminator 850 nm pulse mode infrared 850 nm pulse mode infrared
Camera lens options 12 – 36 mm (mono), 4 mm (color) 4 – 12 mm (mono)
Operating system Windows 7 embedded N/A
External interface 1 x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port 1 x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port
Dimensions TBD TBD
Weight TBD TBD
Temperature TBD TBD
Power supply TBD TBD
Water resistance TBD TBD

I-Bex - License Plate Recognition